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*Love Boy Kisses*


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Welcome to Love Boy Kisses...


1. Post pics of boys kissing. They can be any kind of pic. We're not neccessarily looking for porn-like images, so try and stear away from that. But otherwise, feel free to post away. If I feel something is inapropriate, I will simply remove it.
2. Try and cut you're images if they are very big, or very... um... promiscuous.
3. Don't bash other members. This includes leaving offensive or rude comments.
4. If you hate these pictures... find another group.

I also want this to be a place to meet friends and stuff... so have fun posting! If there are any problems, post them, or email me at methebetter2@comcast.net, and I will do what I can.

*note* Any non-members who want to post can feel free to email me pics to put up for them.

THANX!! :)